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Late April – Mill Pond

As you can tell from these photos of this painting excursion, I have a long way to go with color.

This is a photograph of what I was trying to capture.


Photo of Mill Pond - Late April
Photo of Mill Pond

The colors that i put on the canvas in the photos below are much too vibrant and bold  and as you can see with the initial blocking of color – the undertones were too bright for this day.    Soooo much to learn and to practice.

Trying to follow the rules for blocking in shapes
Mill Pond - Late April
After a couple of hours of painting – so much to learn about color


Just Show Up

IMG_1128 (1)
After spin class – Burn Cycle – Portland, OR

It seems that I older I get, the more important it is to continue to stretch my level of discomfort. To me, sometimes that means just showing up.  I did my first sprint triathlon last year at Nantasket Beach.    As I am writing this a year later, I cannot remember what prompted me to sign up for it, I think perhaps it was my yoga instructor.  Anyhow, the point is that the older I get the more it is about not waiting and just showing up.   I did train for that first one and I continue to swim a mile every other day and we run on the beach for two miles.  BUT, I never really was that person in my youth.  Now as time is of the essence, I just sign up and  show up on the beach every morning, or take a training swim class, or go with my daughter to this REALLY hard spinning class (see photo). This photo symbolizes that philosophy.  My daughter lives in Portland and works out religiously at a spinning studio, BurnCycle.  She is really strong as is her fiance and they are both in great shape.  SOOOO, they always ask me to join their workouts and I do.  It is really hard and I can’t stand and cycle as long as they do, but I feel so good afterwards – and this practice of showing up has served me well so far.


Starting out – plein air on Cape Cod – Britt

Very First Attempt
Skaket Beach on a cold March morning

This is a photo of my very first attempt at oil painting last March.  What I hope that it conveys is the theme of this blog.  To be specific that theme is to have patience in yourself and to  allow your personal journey in this world to be exactly what it is supposed to be.  For a while, and  I really, don’t know why actually, I wanted to put paint on a canvas in a sort of bold ish way.  so without study, classes, or much knowledge at all, I just did it.  For me, the patience is being ok with, or comfortable with the knowledge that just getting out there and doing it, is a good thing.  The practice then is to continue to show up to paint,   or to run,    or to swim, and to hopefully reach another level.

Skaket Beach photo Mar2014
Skaket Beach photo
First Day by Britt
First day plein air painting at Skaket Beach, Orleans, MA 

I did take a picture of the beach that morning and printed the photo back home.  I painted this, the first picture, from that photo.

It might be worth considering if you are a bit nervous of just setting up your easel outside in front of the whole world:)  that you start slowly and have patience with yourself.