Flower arrangement paintings -Catherine

I like to remember flowers that are given to me by painting them.  Here are two flower arrangements that Philip gave to me that I painted.  Click here for link to Flowers by Mary.

White flowers -Catherine
White flowers – by Flowers by Mary, Orleans
White flowers and jug -Catherine
White flowers and jug  Catherine
flowers and candle stick -Catherine
New Years – I love my starfish candle sticks!

Thanksgiving bouquet -Flowers by Mary
Thanksgiving bouquet -Flowers by Mary
Rose - Catherine
oops, right in the center!


I wanted to change the direction that the rose is facing by outlining it, giving the impression that the rose is facing up.




These arrangements are from our favorite florist.  Click Flowers By Mary for link.

4 thoughts on “Flower arrangement paintings -Catherine

  1. Very good handling of the subjects. I like how you started the second painting using the wipe out technique to bring out the rose!

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