Foreground and distance -Catherine

This is a view of Mount Whiteface in Waterville Valley, N.H., from The N.H. Lakes Region.  MT. Whiteface, NHI new this would be a painting lesson in pushing the mountain back into the distance, far away from the trees in the snow covered foreground.  It was a clear day, and the clouds were casting dark shadows on the mountain range.  Not having my painting equipment with me, I snapped this photo and worked on this painting in the studio.

Mount Whiteface NH
I blocked in the darks, lights, and the cloud shadows

Mount Whiteface NH

I used the white birches and snow to show foreground, and muted colors in the mountain range to show distance.

Mount Whiteface NH
View of Mount Whiteface, NH, by Catherine


3 thoughts on “Foreground and distance -Catherine

  1. I really like the rolling clouds, they look as though they are moving towards the viewer (as intended

    1. The clouds coming over the mountain were casting dark shadows over the distant range -very dramatic! Thank you!!

  2. This is a nice posting ( and painting!) because it shows how you developed your painting and turned a two dimensional plane (i.e. canvas) into a three dimensional picture! Real depth!

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