Plein Air Painting on Monhegan Island -Catherine

“Monhegan Island… a Maine plantation” 

If you are looking for an east coast “plein air” painting destination with panoramic ocean views, well maintained hiking trails, and you want to feel totally immersed in art history and culture, you should check out Monhegan Island.  (Monhegan Island click here).

I can see why this island is an artist and an art collector destination.

(Monhegan Island Light click here ).

Ferry to Monhegan
Glad to have My Art Cocoons!

A short ferry ride from Port Clyde, brought Philip and me to a harbor nestled between Monhegan Island and Manana Island.  Ray Eugene Phillips made Manana Island his home for many years, living alone, but also knowing that there was a neighborly connection with the islanders across the harbor.  (click here for Ray Eugene Phillips).

(My Art Cocoon click here).

Brackett & Son, Monhegan
Picking up supplies, Monhegan aug2014

Monhegan is alive with a strong sense of community from the people who’s daily routines contribute to making this island flourish.  Walking around the island we pass many local and visiting artists painting, and many Island artists provide a seasonal trail map inviting the public to visit their art studios.  

100% plein air week Monhegan
Philip and our week at a glance-Monhegan-Aug2014


The weather cooperated and we painted every day of our week on the island.  This is a walking island, so we carried our painting gear on our backs through the trails, being mindful of the trail signs marking out areas were we needed to use caution.

We did use the services of a friendly and accommodating trucking service for our bags.  Click here for the Monhegan Island Trucking link.  

This trip was a great plein air painting experience!




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