Scoop from the coop! – painting my chickens – Catherine

Scoop from the coop!

The girls – Fiona, Molly, & Mona Lisa

Not only do I look forward to finding an egg in the nesting box, I am enjoying learning how to paint my chickens.  Anyone who has chickens for the pleasure of having fresh eggs understands how quickly they become fun, family pets.  What I am practicing, is trying to capture the softness of their feathers and personality in their movements.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa hitching a ride!

We have a beautiful hen, named Mona Lisa.  Her feathers are a shiny, black iridescence in color.  Molly is our country hen, with her spotted feathers.  Sadly, we recently lost our Fiona, the colors of her feathers were similar to a pheasant.  We’ve all seen white and brown eggs, but Fiona laid a robin’s blue colored egg:  Enough about my chickens– back to painting them.


Nasturtiums and coop

Garden view of the coop

Nasturtiums and chickens

Nasturtiums and chickens by Catherine

I painted the nasturtiums and coop plein air.  The chickens were added back in the studio. Catherine




I painted this painting of Molly in the studio from a photograph.  I admire artists that are able to paint our feathered friends!  I can see that I overworked the body making her shape much too round.  *Note to self– step back from my painting to better judge shapes.