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This blog is about two women (a.k.a., Cape Cod wash-a-shores… not native Cape Codders, but loving living the Cape Cod life! ) interested in learning plein air painting  through experience, reading, taking classes and workshops and sharing their experiences.  Taking this journey along the way we talk about recipes, training for triathlons , and the connection between art and science.

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Thank you for stopping by and it is our hope that this blog brings you along with us into this wonderful experience of learning plein air painting through our mishaps and successes!

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  1. Love it ladies. Keep at it. My cooking blog petered out – it’s no fun cooking just for one person – and the weight piles on. Maybe painting would be a better way to go.

    1. Christel, Your blog was great and will be missed. I know you love art and as far as painting, you’ll never know until you try! Thank you!

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