Taking a risk – painting in Provincetown

Captain Jack’s Wharf, oil by Britt

The point of this post, for me, is that as we have ventured out into the “art” world, painting outside in public places really opens one up for all sorts of things.  One of those interesting things is when people walk by your set up easel and want to see what you are painting.  As a beginner, it is really sort of intimidating in a way because the silence can be deafening.  Anyhow, this particular day we set up in the West End Lot in Provincetown, looking out over to the wharf and here is the result.  Britt

From this lot we had great scenic views and subjects to paint.  We ended up facing different directions.  I painted facing the open water, and Britt painted Captain Jack’s Wharf.  The clouds on this day were amazing.  Enjoy the gallery!  Catherine

What we learned today was:

  • Make sure to set up were you won’t be in the way of the primary purpose of where you are painting.  This is a working boat dock and we found ourselves picking up and moving to make way for boat docking activity.  Nice boats!
  • Read all the signs posted where you are painting.  You wouldn’t want to find a ticket on your windshield… been there, done that!