What We’re Learning

This is were we find out how adaptable we are and how improvising can save the day!

When plein air painting (painting outdoors) there are times that we find ourselves missing key equipment and asking ourselves “how did I forget my brushes?”, or “how did I forget my easel?”???  DON’T LAUGH, it happens to the best of us (sigh).

Fear not… don’t pack up and go home, adapt, improvise, and continue to have fun!

Extreme Plein Air“, how we have fun with adapting and improvising.  There are days that we rush out the door without all our “stuff”. Look around, would you ever paint with a twig found on the ground? Finger paint? Would we? You bet!! If not, sketch instead of painting, take photographs to work with later, whatever… continue to have fun being out and about!

We are grateful to artists who share with us equipment ideas and overcoming the challenges of plein air painting.  This is were we find real genius among artists.

Happy Painting!

2 thoughts on “What We’re Learning

  1. Inexpensive and always needed piece of “equipment”: plastic grocery store bags for trash. Good idea to keep a bunch in your car so you don’t have to remember them every time. Also, for watercolor painters, you usually have to bring your own water so either use a picnic jug you already have or fill an empty mayo jar but the crucial factor in whatever you use is that it has a tight screw on cap (or you know what will happen!)

    1. Susan, It is inspiring to paint with plein air watercolorist! You have different challenges to overcome painting outdoors. You have much to share. Welcome to the blog!

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